Justaskmeout's Active Date Ideas

Dating somebody new can be exciting but also nerve-racking and a little bit scary. However our Top 5 Active Date ideas will take your mind off first date jitters and get the adrenalin pumping instead.

Active Date Idea 1: The Wet’n’Wild Date Idea

Active Date Idea 1
Lee Valley’s white water activity centre boasts a 300m Olympic standard white water competition course, with rapids, drops, holes, eddies and boils. (We weren’t sure what they all meant either but they sound pretty good!) So hold on tight to your date and take them on a ride they won’t forget. If you can get along whilst white water canoeing, you will sail through a typical dinner date!

Where: Lee Valley White Water Centre – Waltham Cross
When: Wed-Sun
How much: Prices vary

Active Date Idea 2: The Climb-to-new-heights Date Idea

Active Date Idea 2
No matter if you are a complete novice or a seasoned professional, hitting a climbing wall with your date is a bound to set your sights high. It also means the two of you need to work together and build trust. Practice your best Spiderman impression, and if the opportunity arises you could even try to recreate the famous upside-down kiss!

Where: Try Mile End climbing walls or see TimeOut for a wider selection.
When: Open 7 days a week!
How much: From £8.50 pp.

Active Date Idea 3: The Wheelie Cool Date Idea

Active Date Idea 3
There are miles upon miles of cycle lanes in London providing endless opportunities to take your date on a cycling adventure. Thanks to Boris you don’t even need to own a bike. And a cycle ride for two also makes for a great way of finding out a bit more about your date. Are they the type to stop at red lights or sneak through? Do they show off no-handed skills or sensibly keep hold of the handle bars? In terms of your route, you could ride the hills in Richmond Park or visit the Wombles at Wimbledon Common. There are endless places two wheels can take you in London so ask somebody out now for a wheelie cool date!

When: Whenever suits you
Where: Anywhere that tickles your fancy!
How much: Free if you own your own wheels. £2 per person for 30 minute-stints on a Boris bike

Active Date Idea 4: The Skate Date

Active Date Idea 4
Roller-blading may not be your everyday way to get from A to B but whether you are a skilful skater or a newbie, roller-blading is a great way to spend a date. You will both look super sexy (ish) kitted out in your knee and elbow pads and there will be plenty of excuses to hold your dates hand for support and/or even catch them if they fall! Hyde park is just one location we would recommend to get your blades on and whiz around - if you don’t have your own skates you can hire them from a nearby shop. You will be blading backwards and speeding round corners in no time. So get your skates on and just ask someone out today and you could be rolling into a new relationship before you know it!

Where: Hyde Park unless you have your own skates
How much: £9-10 to hire skates, free if you have your own

Active Date Idea 5: Game, Set and Date

Active Date Idea 5
There is only one sport in which love means zero, but hopefully after meeting somebody fun for a tennis date, the only zeroes you will be leaving with are the ones in their phone number! Score some points with your date and meet up to play a game of tennis. So leave yourself at an advantage, ask somebody out on justaskmeout.com now and ace the tennis date!

Where: There are tennis courts all over London including Regents and Hyde Park.

Happy Active dating!