Justaskmeout's Top 5 London Dates Under £10

We've got plenty of smart ideas for dates that won't cost the earth and have hand-picked our Top 5 to save you the trouble.

London Dates Under £10 No. 1: Show your artistic side

London Dates Under £10 No. 1 Why not take your date on a cultural adventure for under a tenner! London is home to an endless number of galleries with no entry charge. A stroll around an art gallery can be a great way to get to know your date; you don't need to be an art expert to have an opinion on a piece of art and it’s a great way to evoke interesting conversation between people who have never met on topics that may never have otherwise come up.

Choose a gallery or exhibition which you think is a good reflection of how you want the atmosphere on the date to be, why not try the Body Language exhibition at the Saachi Gallery or see some fun and contemporary illustration at Coningsby Gallery. If you are looking for something a little more traditional, the National Gallery is the place for you. An art gallery is the perfect backdrop for a romantic first date.

Remember that at an art gallery, time is on your side, stay as long or as little time as you like and if the date is going well, why not move your date onto another exhibition or go for a drink at a nearby bar!

Where: There are plenty of galleries to choose from with multitudes of different exhibitions, why not try the galleries mentioned above? Coningsby Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, National Gallery.
When:: Check out the websites for opening times and contact details.
How much:: Under a tenner!




London Dates Under £10 No. 2: Hit new heights on a date with a view

London Dates Under £10 No. 2 There is something magical and romantic about the city of London, and an ideal way of making the most of our beautiful city is on a date with a view. And did you know it doesn't have to cost the earth to see London from the sky? We bring you not one but two different places where you can enjoy the view for under £10 - now that's a bargain.

For example you can climb the three hundred and eleven steps that lead you to the top of the tower at Monument. Once you reach the top, it is all worthwhile with striking views of the city from the top of this grand historic structure, there is plenty to take in. The whole experience is a fun and interesting idea for a memorable first date.

Alternatively Westminster Cathedral's Bell Tower stands at 273 ft and with the viewing gallery 200 ft above street level, 360 degree views of the city are at your fingertips. Slightly more set back from the hustle and bustle than Monument, and with the beautiful setting of the Cathedral, the bell tower has an intimate and romantic feel.

Compliment your gorgeous date of yours with a gorgeous view and see the sights of London in a way you've never seen them before.

When: Visit the websites below to find more info on opening times etc.
Where: The Monument or Westminster Cathedral
How much: Under a tenner!







London Dates Under £10 No. 3: Get cosy with a cuppa

London Dates Under £10 No. 3 We are traditionally a country of tea drinkers and often don’t go a day without having or at least being offered a cuppa! So why not take the time to make that cup of tea a little more out of the ordinary, and ask somebody special to visit one of these alternative tea drinking venues.

Urban Tea Rooms
The urban tea rooms is a great place to take a date, with a relaxed but buzzy atmosphere and a range of different teas to choose from, it is an ideal spot to get chatting and learn more about your date. There is a twist to this tea room however because by day it is open for hot drinks and food, but by night it serves cocktails, wine and other alcoholic beverages, staying open until 11.30pm. There is a cosy basement with an ample amount of seating, so you can set yourself up for the afternoon and even through to the evening if the date is going well.

The National Cafe
The National Cafe at the National Gallery is a fantastic location to take time to drink tea, the café itself has floor to ceiling wooden panelling and huge windows, and it boasts a European slice of cosmopolitan cafe culture in the heart of London. If you feel that a cup of tea is not long enough to spend with your date then there is always the option to stroll around and look at the art which is right on your doorstep.

This venue gives a big teaspoon of history with your cuppa. In the original Twinings tea and coffee shop which now also doubles up as a museum, you have no end of choice in regards to tea options. You can sample a range of different teas as well as learning a bit about the background of Twinings in the process.

Taking your date out for a cup of tea is a very simple and inexpensive idea but sometimes it’s nice just to sit down and take the time to let the conversation flow, because essentially dating is all about getting to know each other. Knowing how your date takes there tea could be the first of many things you learn about them, don't underestimate the strength of a tea date!

When: Any time
Where: Urban Tea Rooms, The National Cafe, Twinings or any good cafe
How much: Under a tenner!







London Dates Under £10 No. 4: Get your jig on at a gig

London Dates Under £10 No. 4 It is hard to go anywhere in London without hearing music, from buskers playing their guitars in the street, to the thumping beats of music spilling out of clubs, but we have found the best places to take your date to listen to music for under a tenner.

Wilton’s Music Hall
Wilton's music hall is named "London's hidden stage" and hosts an exciting programme of creative, diverse and exciting entertainment. They regularly have free events in which bands and musicians of all different genres will play. The bar is where the magic happens, they serve a carefully selected range of wines and beer and you can also order food if you are peckish. Part museum, part theatre, part bar, this venue is a perfect place to take your date; Wilton’s is unlike anywhere else in London.

The Old Blue Last
This pub has been named "London's best live music venue"by the Evening Standard and has become notorious for being the last stop before fame for budding British musicians. Most nights entry is free but ticketed events are not often more than a fiver. The atmosphere is buzzing and if you are looking to take your date on a musical adventure, this is the place to go, you will not be disappointed.

Musical dates are great for finding out more about your company's tastes and preferences. Although certain gigs may not be ideal for conversation, so could be better for a second or third date, those are probably the dates which will give you an excuse to get up close to that gorgeous boy or girl in the crowd or on the dance floor. Justaskmeout.com thinks, if music be the food of love, date on!

When: You are likely to find a gig most nights of the week at various venues
Where: There are venues all across London. Check the websites of the venues mentioned above for more info: Wilton's Music Hall, The Old Blue Last
How much: Under a tenner!







London Dates Under £10 No. 5: Have a laugh with your date

London Dates Under £10 No. 5 Why not whisk your date off to a comedy show for under a tenner? Comedy dates can range from seated dinner teamed with a performance from a professional comedian, to a drink in a bar watching an amateur open mic night. Laughter and having fun together is key to the success of any relationship, so put your date's sense of humour to the test and visit one of the tonnes of comedy gigs happening in London every night.

Two of the best places to find out about, and get tickets for, comedy events, are lastminute.com and TimeOut. They both provide comedy listings at various venues suitable for any budget.

One venue that is really worth a visit is The Comedy Store in Piccadilly Circus, which is the home to regular stand-up comedy shows with tickets selling from £5! Comedians such as Mike Myers and John Bishop have graced the stage of this lively venue but there is also the option to be some of the first see new and upcoming talent.

A comedy date is an opportunity to connect through humour and get to know each other in a relaxed, light hearted atmosphere. Only good things can come from having a giggle and we think a date without laughter is a date wasted! And for under a tenner, your wallet will be laughing too!

Where: Venues all over London. Check lastminute.com and TimeOut for inspiration
When: The Comedy Store holds shows throughout the week
How much: Under a tenner!