Frequently Asked Questions about Justaskmeout

You will have seen our top 3 FAQs on our homepage. Here are some additional FAQs. If you’re already a member of the site there are also some Member FAQs here.
  1. 1. How will members “just ask me out” and how can I just ask someone out?
    It is so easy-peasy to ask someone out on Justaskmeout that it makes you wonder why all dating sites aren’t this simple. All you do is click the ‘Just ask me out’ button next to the member profile that you like. You select one of the fun London date ideas offered, or you can suggest your own date idea. You can write a short personal message if you want to and then you just send it. Yep – it really is that simple!

  2. 2. Is it just the guys who ask people out or can girls ask people out too?
    We absolutely encourage ALL members, guys and girls to just ask out whoever they like. It’s not the 1920s anymore so girls don’t need to wait for guys to ask them out – if you like someone, just get in there and ask them out, and do it quickly before someone else snaps them up first!

  3. 3. What London date ideas do you suggest?
    There are four types of dates we suggest: drinking something hot, a cold drink, a bite to eat or doing something different! In each category, we provide three great date ideas but there’s always the option for you to come up with your own exciting date idea instead! Some of our recent London date suggestions include: a stroll around a market, a trip to an art gallery, a game of pool or ping pong, ice-skating, roller-blading, a picnic (more of a Summer date idea!), nibbles/tapas, sushi sharing, a table for two, snazzy cocktails, a glass of wine/beer, refreshing smoothies, coffee/tea, tea and cake or afternoon tea! Any of those take your fancy?

  4. 4. What reply options are there when someone just asks me out?
    There are three types of reply when you get asked out: Yes, No or Maybe. If you like their profile and find them attractive, just say yes! If you’re not quite sure, you can say “Maybe” and either ask them to provide more details/photos in their profile or ask to chat a bit more on phone/email first. If they are not quite what you are looking for then you can just politely decline.

  5. 5. Who pays for a date on Justaskmeout? If someone just asks me out, should I expect them to pay?
    All we have to say about this is that we’re in the 21st century and there are no hard and fast rules around who pays for a first date – it is totally up to the two of you on the date. And so, we would say that you should not expect necessarily that one person or the other will pay unless you have specifically discussed and agreed that in advance. It’s probably a good idea to have an open mind, play it by ear, see how the date goes, and as a minimum, be prepared to pay your way.

  6. 6. Can I still get dates when I use Justaskmeout for free (without a subscription)?
    Yes you can get dates for free! However, as a free member you can’t ask someone out so you have to wait for someone to ask you out. Much better is to become a Silver or Gold member so that you can ask out whoever you like AND access all the facilities of!

  7. 7. I have tried/was thinking of trying speed dating in London - how is Justaskmeout better than London speed dating events?
    There are several problems with most speed dating events – you have no control over the types of singles you meet there so it’s less likely that they will be the type of person you are looking for and also you only have a very limited amount of time to get to know each person. The advantage of going on a date via Justaskemout is that you already know a certain amount about the person you are meeting and you can choose how much time you spend together when you first meet. Also, we do organize fun Justaskmeout singles parties in London where you can meet lots of singles and get to know them in a relaxed, fun environment – and they’re free!

  8. 8. What success stories do you have?
    Our favourite success story is obviously our newly-weds, David and Nadia mentioned above who took our fast-track approach to new levels by getting married exactly 6 months after they first met.

    We also like this story from Anne who shared her experience with us recently: “I asked Jason out at 9pm and by midnight we already had a date agreed for the following night”. Anne, Member.

    Another couple actually met at one of our “Just Drinks” singles events: “I went along to one of your events and had a great time meeting lots of different people - thanks for all the introductions! I actually ended up hitting it off with Rachel and we're now seeing each other!”. Ralph, Ex-Member.

  9. 9. Is Justaskmeout anything to do with ITV’s Take me out?
    No, Just ask me out is completely separate to ITV’s Take me out TV programme. However, if you are single in London and you like watching Take me out, you may also like Just ask me out because it puts the power in your hands to choose who you want to ask out!

  10. 10. How much does it cost?
    It’s totally free to join – absolutely no upfront payment required whatsoever. There are three tiers of membership and once you’ve joined, you get a free trial of Silver membership:
    Gold members can use all the best features of the site and can ask out up to 10 people each day (we limit the number so that it always feels special when someone asks you out). This costs from £15 per month.
    Silver members can use nearly all the best features of the site and can ask out 3 people each day. This costs from £10 per month.
    Free members can use most features of the site and they can even ask out 1 person a day for free so you can use the site completely for free if you want!

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