Justaskmeout's Top Free London Date Ideas

Everyone always talks about how expensive it is to go out in the capital, but actually there are quite a few London dates that are completely free! We’ve selected some of our favourite free London date ideas for you to choose from here.

Free Date Idea 1: Browse the wares at a London market

Free Date Idea 1: Bowling London has many fascinating markets to take your date for a stroll around.

There’s the slightly weird and wonderful Camden Market where you could challenge each other to compose the most outrageous outfit for sale.

There’s the beautiful Columbia Road Flower Market where you can discuss which flowers are your favourite (very useful for dates further down the road!).

And there are delicious food markets such as Borough Market where you can usually taste a sample of their wares for free.

Free Date Idea 2: Be part of a TV audience (requires planning in advance)

Free Date Idea 2: Coffee London is home to several TV studios and event venues who are often giving away free tickets to be part of the audience.

With a little bit of advanced planning and a little bit of luck you should be able to bag yourself a free pair of tickets for you and your date.

And who wouldn’t be impressed by that kind of initiative?

You can apply for tickets here.

Free Date Idea 3: Prove you’re a cultured soul at a free museum or art gallery

Free Date Idea 3 - Pool Whilst some galleries and museums do charge a hefty entrance fee, quite a few of them are completely free! You probably know about the main free ones but there are a few smaller but just as interesting ones to choose from too. The list includes:
• British Museum – one of the oldest museums in the world
• V&A Museum of Childhood – if you’re in a childish kind of mood
• The Geffrye Museum – housing furnishings and relics from 1600 onwards
• V&A – housing fabulous decorative arts
• Museum of London – tracing London’s history
• Science Museum – explaining how stuff works
• Natural History Museum – showcasing animals from creepy crawlies to dinosaurs
• National Gallery – easy to find on Trafalgar Square
• National Maritime Museum – highlighting London’s maritime heritage
• Tate Modern – impressive modern art collection

Free Date Idea 4: Immerse yourself in a free London festival

Free Date Idea 4 - Food sharing It doesn’t matter which weekend you pick, there is always some sort of festival happening in London.

Options include the Canalway Cavlacade at Little Venice, the Wandsorth Arts Festival & Fringe, the Herne Hill Free Film Festival or the E17 Art Trail.

Southbank often plays host to these festivals and will be presenting the Festival of Love again this summer.

A simple Google of “free London festival” will usually point you towards a free festival for your chosen weekend or you can simply check out the latest list here.

Free Date Idea 5: Take a walk

Free Date Idea 5 - Ping Pong Ok, this may not sound like the most inspiring of dates until you appreciate how many cool places there are to take a stroll around in London.

There’s deer-spotting in Richmond Park. There’s getting lost in the maze at Crystal Palace. There’s following a free street-art route.

You could take your bathers and walk to one of the free open-air lidos...

If you have table-tennis bats you could take them and have a game of ping pong at one of the free tables around town. And of course you could simply take your date for a stroll through one of London’s beautiful parks – Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath, St James’ park, take your pick!