Justaskmeout Chat-up Cards

Justaskmeout card giving Have you ever spotted someone rather cute and wished you'd taken a chance and done something? A survey we recently conducted found that 75% of people can remember a time they let slip an opportunity to ask out someone who they really fancied. Well that needn't happen to you again...

What are Justaskmeout Cards?

Asking out somebody in person is a whole lot less scary with our unique Justaskmeout chat-up cards. You simply write your Justaskmeout username onto your cards and then hand one out whenever someone catches your eye.

They come pre-printed with a chat-up line. You can choose between:

Justaskmeout card "You caught my eye” or “Damn, you’re hot” if you're feeling brave!

The lucky recipient can then look you up on Justasmeout.com using the username you provided on the card.

Nice and easy, no fear of rejection, no excuse not to do it. Make sure you always have a couple in your wallet. They're great fun to use with a group of friends on a night out too and they ensure you never again miss the opportunity to meet the one of your dreams! 

How do I get my Justaskmeout cards?

The cards are free for members of Justaskmeout. The easiest way to get your cards is to simply come along to our next singles event where we always hand out cards to everyone who attends.

Secret crush ssh If you can't make the next event, if you buy any membership package, we will post some cards to you. Simply email your request with your address to london@justskmeout.co.uk and we'll pop your cards in the post.

Do you have a secret crush?

For those of you who’d rather keep your crush secret until you know they’re single, Justaskmeout.com also provides a way to anonymously send a message to your crush saying someone wants to ask them out and encouraging them to join Justaskmeout.com. Once they join you can then ask them out in the safe knowledge that they are definitely single. It’s also possible for you to leave a little hint as to who their secret admirer may be!