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US Psychologist Warns About the Shopping Mentality of Online Dating

24 Feb 2015 at 13:48
Longstanding suspicions about the online dating world were confirmed this week when a US psychologist warned that the phenomenon is fostering a ‘shopping mentality’ and making singletons excessively picky. Furthermore, he maintained that long-term virtual communication can create wildly unrealistic expectations when matches eventually meet up. Justaskmeout is on a mission to overcome these barriers, the leading London dating site shunning ‘dating game’ conventions and fast-tracking singletons on their way to love.

Alex Rowley, Founder of Justaskmeout.com said, “While online dating is a fantastic way for singles to hook up it does tend to make singles feel spoiled for choice. This can lead to a lot of time spent flirting with matches that may not be compatible in real life. We’re helping London singles cut through the small talk and find their perfect match without the need for excessive time spent online.”

While dating in the real world offers singles a limited number of encounters, Professor Harry Reis, a psychologist at the University of Rochester maintains that online dating is now ingrained with a ‘shopping mentality.’ With thousands of profiles at their fingertips singles are becoming unnecessarily indulgent when it comes to finding the perfect match. As well as making singles increasingly judgemental Reis asserts that weeks or months on end spent emailing potential matches can create unrealistic expectations when a pair finally hook up for a face-to-face meeting.

According to the latest statistics from Justaskmeout London singles agree, with 81% of respondents agreeing that email chemistry and real-life chemistry are completely different things. While matches may feel a strong connection through back and forth email messages the majority of Londoners pursuing online relationships found that there was no real chemistry when they finally met up.

As a dating site with a focus on face-to-face meet ups from the word go, Justaskmeout is helping Londoners overcome the downsides of online dating. Unlike other popular dating sites the platform cuts out ambiguity and replaces it with face-to-face dates in a matter of minutes. When a member finds a profile that takes their fancy the only way to get in touch is to ask the match out on a real life date. This eliminates wasted time spent flirting with lacklustre matches and helps London singles avoid falling victim to cases of deceptive cyber chemistry.

The knowledge that a first date is on the horizon also gives the online experience a realistic face that encourages members to approach match making with the same level of fussiness as they would in real life – not an amplified version.

With over nine million Brits now turning to the internet to find love, award winning dating site Justaskmeout offers singletons a refreshingly straightforward platform to find potential matches. The website recently won Best Up & Coming Dating Site 2015 at the global iDate Awards.



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