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Justaskmeout is up to 80% more effective than other dating sites

12 Mar 2015 at 16:12
Justaskmeout has unveiled fascinating insight into London’s social scene, with a recent survey revealing that platforms shunning conventional messaging seriously boost the chances of getting asked out. With our revolutionary approach to dating and no messaging policy, we are at the forefront of the trend and have quickly emerged as the go-to dating site for Londoners on the search for fast-tracked love.

We have reviewed and analysed lots of research about how to get dates in the quickest, most effective way and we built it into our site functionality, facilitating our users to get real, offline dates fast. As a result, singles using Justaskmeout.com get guided through the most effective steps required to get a date and have been found to be up to 80% more successful.

Firstly, we found that most people (78% ) feel it takes too long on most dating sites emailing back and forth before actually arranging a date. Our solution? Get rid of standard messaging. If you like someone, you just ask them out. And it works. Those surveyed said they were up to 80% more likely to ask someone out if that was the only way of getting in touch. For singletons falling into the 30-39 age bracket signing up for a message free online dating site is a guaranteed way to get a date, fast. This particular demographic displayed the highest level of agreement, with 74% of respondents finding that messaging systems decreased the chances of being asked out.

Secondly, we found that date invites are much more likely to be accepted if they are relatively specific about the type of date it is. Over 90% of those surveyed felt the proposer should specify some details of the date. And Justaskmeout’s solution to this is that every time you ask someone out on our site you are asked to pick 1-2 date ideas from a variety of options, or propose your own.

Thirdly, whilst many dating apps like Tinder are very much focussed on user photos only, we found that 90% feel that picking a date shouldn’t be based on looks alone. Unlike appearance-based apps and sites, we insist that our users fill out some of their profile to increase their chances of being asked out by the right person.

Alex Rowley, Founder of Justaskmeout.com said, “Londoners have spoken and the results of our survey indicate that singles are sick and tired of dating sites that encourage endless back and forth messaging. Rather than spend days, weeks or even months on end wondering who is going to make the first move, Justaskmeout revolutionises the dating game and makes sure a face-to-face meet up is organised from the word go.”

Most singles will benefit hugely from a site like Justaskmeout.com because we guide them through the most effective steps to getting real, offline dates. With a new mobile-friendly, smart and easy to use site, and the award for Best Up & Coming Dating Site 2015 under our belts, it’s no surprise that streams of new singles are joining us every day.



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