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10 Reasons why you need to stop online dating and get to know your date in real life

19 Mar 2015 at 16:49
21st century dating has come a long way since the days of Romeo and Juliet. Today we lead incredibly hectic lives which make it harder and harder to find the perfect partner. As a result, an increasing number of us are turning to the internet in an attempt to find true love. Online dating is fine as long as you just use it as a means to get out on real life dates and not waste your time chatting online. If you need a little inspiration to get offline and into the real world, here are some reasons you can’t ignore!

1. Pictures don’t necessarily correspond with the person

While you may find someone’s photo attractive it’s a completely different ball game when it comes to face-to-face desirability. Personality, demeanour and overall charisma play a huge role in establishing appeal and without direct contact you simply have no idea if you are compatible with this person.

2. The pheromones just don’t exist online

Experts maintain that smell plays an integral role in building relationships. Described as ‘behaviour altering agents,’ pheromones are chemical scents that have the power to actively change the behaviour of a person and hugely boost attractiveness levels. Don’t let yours go to waste!

3. Avoid disappointing dates

After weeks or months of chatting online you may think that you know the person more than you really do. So the reality of the transition from virtual to face-to-face communication can be disappointing and all sorts of awkward. Keep pre-meet chat to a minimum and you’re more likely to be pleasantly surprised.

4. Online dating can be too superficial

According to the results of our latest survey the majority of London singles believe that many online dating apps are too focussed on looks and forget to shine the spotlight on personality. In fact, 38% believe that personality is equally, if not more important while 52% maintain that they are both important. Just 10% claim that looks alone are the key factor when choosing a partner.

5. You don’t know if there’s real life chemistry

A huge 50% of London singles maintain that real life chemistry is completely different from email chemistry. This is a serious flaw of online dating sites that allow people to spend ages chatting before meeting.

6. You’ll start to feel spoilt for choice

In the virtual world we enjoy a vast amount of options, more than we would in a natural dating environment. This can make online daters extremely picky and very quick to dismiss what could actually be their perfect match.

7. You’re missing the sensory stimuli

The ability to reach out and physically touch your potential partner is integral to magnetism. Think about how electrifying a simple brush of skin can be…

8. Crack the lies

Even the most honest of people have a tendency to lie or stretch the truth on dating profiles. Get to the truth as early as possible by meeting up ASAP.

9. Height is no longer a question mark

While pictures may give an indication of a person’s appearance you won’t be able to get an accurate idea of their height. Height is one of the most commonly lied about features in online dating. So actually standing next to a person and feeling their physical presence is the only way you know for sure.

10. You can turn on the flirtation

It can be fun flirting online, and the tease factor can be turned up, but sometimes the communication is just lost. Jokes and flirty remarks can be easily misunderstood or if you’re unlucky, be taken the wrong way and thought offensive. Flirting in real life is much safer and of course, more authentic and effective as it is mixed with eye contact, chemistry and physical interaction.

Have we got you convinced that moving offline is the way to go?




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