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7 Situations Where Everyone Needs a Dating Card

30 Mar 2015 at 15:59
Ever set eyes upon your dream partner only to let them slip through your fingertips and never see them again or lose your chance entirely? According to one of our recent surveys, 75% of London singles have done the same. We’re helping put an end to the age old dilemma by offering Londoners access to our exclusive ‘Chat-up Cards’ that make flirting an absolute breeze! Pre-printed with saucy pick-up lines such as 'You caught my eye' or 'Damn, you’re hot,' using the cards is as simple as writing down your JustAskMeOut username and slipping them into the clutches of your latest love interest. And the best thing? They’re 100% free for Paid Justaskmeout members!

Below are just some of the situations where the cards are guaranteed to come in handy:

1. When you’re at a concert and it’s too loud to talk

Have you ever been engrossed in your favourite band only to find yourself enamoured by a super-hot concert goer? But even the smoothest of pick-up lines is rendered useless in an amplified concert environment. Cut straight to the chase by handing them a Chat-up Card which lets you kick-start a conversation at a more convenient time.

2. When you’re on the tube and you don’t know where your crush will be getting off

Don’t let your rush hour crush slip through the doors and out of your life. Quickly placing a Chat-up Card in their hand will let them know you’re interested and where to find you.

3. When your crush seems to have a partner

Does the guy or girl of your dreams seem to have a pesky partner in tow? If it’s simply too awkward to approach them why not try slipping a Chat-up Card into their bag when they’re not looking?

4. When you meet a hot cashier or bartender

Have you ever laid eyes on a cashier or bartender that’s simply too hot to be real? Let them know you’re interested in more than just a transaction by handing over a cheeky Chat-Up card with your £20 note. In fact, this goes for anyone who is currently at work and would not be allowed to flirt during work time!

5.When there are too many people around

Sometimes crowds can make chatting that cute guy or girl up next to you impossible. Win yourself some private time by subtly slipping them a Chat-Up Card when no one’s looking.

6. When it’s someone out of bounds

Got your eye on a friend’s ex, sibling or best friend but not quite sure whether or not it’s appropriate? Instead of holding back why not sneakily hand them a Chat-Up Card and leave the next move up to them?

At the movies

While movies are a quintessential date destination they’re actually a terrible place to chat. If you see someone sexy but don’t want your whisper overheard writing it on a Chat-Up Card is the perfect solution.

When would you love to have a Chat-up Card close to hand?



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