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Who Should Make the First Move Online?

13 Apr 2015 at 16:37
A few decades ago it was unheard of for a woman to ask a man out on a date - but times are rapidly changing! In fact, a recent survey we conducted revealed that in today’s modern world of dating it’s deemed more than acceptable for girls to make the first move. This is great news for London singles of the fairer sex! It’s also fantastic news for guys who may be shy or simply have a thing for headstrong women.

Here’s what we found:

Just Ask Me Out survey confirms that forthright females are downright sexy!

Drawing on responses from randomly selected Londoners the survey uncovered some interesting insight into how guys and girls navigate the sphere of online dating.

When asked the question “If you were single and a member of a dating website who would you expect to make the first move?” Just 28% of respondents thought that the guys should be asking the girls out and the girls should just wait to be asked.

Responses showed that views have seriously changed since the days of courtship, with just 15% of the group maintaining that guys might see it as quite forward if a girl asks out the guy.

In comparison, a huge 48% of forward thinking Londoners confirmed that it doesn't matter at all who asks who out - it can be the guy or the girl!

Making up the final responses were 9% of people who weren’t really sure who should ask who out.

Make the first move easy with JustAskMeOut

London dating sites such as JustAskMeOut are making it easier than ever for people to make the first move at the click of a button. It really is as simple as finding a profile that catches your attention, sending them a one click date request and hooking up for a face-to-face meeting ASAP! No fuss, no hassle and no beating around the bush. Thanks to this refreshingly transparent approach JustAskMeOut has quickly emerged as the best dating site for singles in London that want to cut straight to the chase.

So don’t be shy girls. Next time you see a profile that you like make the inaugural click and be your own Cupid!




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