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Biggest Dating No-Nos

21 Apr 2015 at 14:22
Have you been on quite a few first dates where it’s not gone any further? Do you think you make a great impression and are left wondering why they never call or agree to a second date? You’re probably committing some of the first date sins – and have no idea! Some things are just unacceptable on dates – especially a first date – so have a read of Justaskmeout’s biggest date no-nos and follow the rules on your next romantic outing. We guarantee you’ll be more successful!

1. Talking about your ex for more than one minute

Nobody wants to hear about how much you miss your ex-partner, how you broke up or how heartbroken you still are. This rings alarm bells immediately! Your date also doesn’t want to hear their name mentioned at random intervals. “So and so used to always have the steak” or “This was our song!” are sure-fire phrases to turn your date right off.. Waffling about your ex just proves you’re still hung up on them, so not only is it painstakingly boring, it’s also a warning sign for future lovers.

2. Being attached to your phone

Whether it’s work or constant messages from friends asking how the date is going, the person you’re with doesn’t care – they just think it’s rude. Put all mobile devices away and enjoy one another’s company, or risk being booted into the friend zone (or even further than that!)

3. Getting drunk

We know you get nervous on dates – most people do! And while a drink or two to help relax you and settle your nerves is fine, the worst thing you can do on a first date is get drunk. You’re likely to majorly embarrass yourself, whether it’s attempting to dance or puking on the waiter’s shoes. Even if you can handle your drink, if you let your inhibitions go completely you might end up doing or saying something you regret. You might be more open and honest than you should be on a first date, and more of a hoot – if you do somehow get to a next date after a drunken one, you’ll be a completely different person. It will also be mega embarrassing admitting you don’t remember anything about the previous date…

So there you have it – the three biggest date no-nos that are to be avoided at all costs. What’s your biggest dating mistake?

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