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3 Common Misconceptions About Online Dating

29 Apr 2015 at 10:26
Online dating has now been around for over a decade and it’s a growing international industry. However, there are still many misconceptions and myths about online dating for those that have never tried it. Did you know one in four relationships now start online?! That means by refusing to look online for a partner you could be ruining your chances of finding love. Read on for the biggest misconceptions about online dating and we’ll debunk the myths.

1. It’s for old people and divorcees

Younger people embrace technology and the internet more than the older generation, so why should they be under represented in the online dating world? You may presume that younger people in their 20s have all the opportunities they need for meeting someone in real life. Not true – busy London professionals and shift workers can find it hard to have a social life. There’s online daters in all age groups.

2. It’s desperate and embarrassing

Wrong! Maybe ten years ago when the concept was new people would laugh at online daters – but not anymore. Online dating is becoming the social norm, and most people are completely accepting of it. Gone are the days where work colleagues would call you desperate for joining up to an online dating website. After all, you’re just keeping your options open and you’ll end up having more dates and relationships from it.

3. It’s all talk and no action

With some online dating websites, you may have to spend time messaging someone you are interested in before you meet up face to face. Communicating and flirting virtually can be fun for a while but you need to meet up as soon as possible to discover whether or not there’s a spark. Sometimes people may make excuses not to meet up in real life – if this is the case then just move on. But it’s not always all talk and no action. If you’re keen to get away from the computer then sign up to an offline dating website such as This acts as a portal for real life dating, meeting matches online and going on dates straight away as there is no private messaging function.

There are many more misconceptions about online dating, such as it’s too expensive and there’s no guarantees of finding anyone you’re compatible with. True no dating site can guarantee you’ll find love, but most have free sign up so if you never try you’ll never know.

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