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How to…Survive a First Date

6 May 2015 at 12:33
Do you get terribly nervous when dating? Do you hate those first date jitters? Well it’s time to turn those first date nerves into excitement! With this survival guide, you’ll be clicking through the site in no time asking loads of people out, because you’ll have nothing holding you back.

Read on for first date tips from offline dating experts Justaskmeout…

Lower Your Expectations

This applies to everything – expectations of the night itself, expectations of your date and of yourself. If you don’t have high hopes then you’re much less likely to be disappointed. Some people have these ridiculous expectations of how a “first date” should go, and the strong chemistry and instant connection you should feel. Life isn’t a movie – the first date might be an uncomfortable experience but you may fall in love once you’ve both relaxed after a few meetups. By lowering your expectations, you’ll also feel more relaxed and less worried about disappointing your date.

Don’t Overthink It

People can get worked up before a date just by overthinking all the situations that could possibly go wrong on the night. Don’t do it! Keep yourself busy in the hours before and keep your mind at ease. It’s just a first date – don’t blow it out of proportion. If you can’t help worrying, just think or write down the worst case scenarios. What is the worst that could happen? The date doesn’t go well and you never see them again. No problem! If you’ve met on a dating site then you’ll likely have no mutual friends and no awkwardness.

Establish a Dress Code

Once you’ve agreed where you’re meeting, check with your date if there’s any particular dress code. This will obviously depend on where you are meeting – a Michelin star restaurant will call for different attire to a coffee shop or cinema! Just make sure you are both on the same wave length, as turning up dressed down or overdressed can be most people’s worst nightmare.

Have Back Up Conversation

It’s a little more than awkward when the conversation dries up on a first date. Solution? Have back up stories and questions to pull out when it all goes quiet. Asking your date all about their life and listening to their answers is a great way to connect. Plus it always helps if you’ve rehearsed your funny stories and past experiences to share.

And that’s how you survive a first date. But the best cure for a nervous dater? Go on more dates. The more first dates you go on, the less nerve racking it will be and the more confident you will become. Browse the site now and simply ask people out with one click.

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