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2015’s Need to Know Dating Buzzwords

25 Jun 2015 at 10:21
Every year the dating world welcomes an influx of new buzzwords. It can be difficult to keep up with the new trends so to help you stay in the know, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular new dating-related terms to make an appearance in 2015. Without further ado, here’s the year’s hottest dating lingo for you to get your head around:

Keeping it ‘real’

Forget adjectives such as laid back, adventurous, sweet and caring. In a world where virtual dating has become the norm, ‘real’ is the word of the year. Tagging on assurances such as ‘I’m real’ or ‘I’m a genuine person’ is now a hugely popular way for individuals to let others know that they’re not about to get spammed.


Are you a metrosexual man with ruggedly handsome good looks, a well-groomed beard and a rustic fashion sense? If so, ‘lumbersexual’ is the adjective for you!

‘Like’ NOT ‘love’

Listing things that you’re interested in is popular way for individuals to personalise their profiles. However while 2014 was all about ‘I love this or that’ 2015 will replace ‘love’ with ‘like.’


Have you been on a handful of dates and are ready to take things to the next level? If so it could be time to sit down and ‘define the relationship.’


Forget ‘baby’ and ‘babe.’ In 2015 ‘Bae’ is the new affectionate word of choice for daters taking their relationship to the next level. It’s short for ‘before anyone else’ which we think is kind of sweet.

Cuffing season

When the weather cools down and the days become shorter, singles are even more determined to find love. ‘Cuffing season’ refers to the period between October and February when the desire to pair up hits the roof.


Psychologists have warned that online dating can cause ladies and gents to become far too picky and blasé when it comes to finding potential matches. Unfortunately this often leads to ‘ghosting’ which is when a love interest simply blanks a match with no explanation.

On a thing

Being ‘in a relationship’ or ‘seeing someone’ is so 2014. This year, describing the start of something new is referred to as being ‘on a thing.’ It’s casual yet still exclusive, and is a great term to use after just a date or two.

Did we miss out your favourite buzzword? Let us know!



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