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The Best Words To Describe Yourself In Your Dating Profile

21 Jul 2015 at 10:32
Scientists have uncovered the words within online dating profiles that men and women find most appealing. The research reveals that words play an integral part in attracting partners online. The adjectives used when describing yourself can instantly attract the opposite sex, and there are different high scoring descriptions for male and female online daters.

The words most favoured for women were sweet, ambitious, thoughtful and spontaneous, while the most enticing adjectives to describe men were physically fit, ambitious, perceptive and passionate. Funny ranked high for both men and women, and guys and girls using these words in their profiles can see up to 70% more approaches online.

Alex Rowley, Founder of JustAskMeOut.com said, “It’s great that this study has proven that words do matter on an online dating profile, it’s not all about the picture. Certain words prove irresistible to the opposite sex, so we suggest singles who don’t get approached online include them to see if it boosts their online matches.”

Just Ask Me Out is an online dating website with a difference – it promotes real life meet-ups as soon as possible so singles can determine if there’s a spark, without wasting time chatting online. Of course this research proves that words are important for attracting interest online, but it’s the chemistry offline in real life which will determine if you are made for each other or not.

The London focussed dating website is the ideal platform to put method into practice for the most attractive words. Tinder, although a popular dating app, doesn’t exactly encourage personal bios as people make the decision based solely on the profile picture. On the other hand, eHarmony.co.uk, the company who revealed this research, tends to have users with overly long online profiles.

Just Ask Me Out provides the perfect balance between the two, explains Ms Rowley. She added, “Our users can choose whether to assess singles on their picture or their short profile description – we recommend looking at both before asking someone out. But rather than encourage our users to spend hours working on their profiles, we recommend being quick but honest in your profile and just getting out there on dates.”

While this research proves many online daters are looking for the same thing, it’s even more important to meet up in real life as soon as possible. After all, now this research is out, more people will be describing themselves as sweet, ambitious and funny – even if they’re not!



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