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Online Dating Leads to Longer Lasting Relationships, Reveals Latest Research

18 Aug 2015 at 11:49
Finding love online could be the key to fostering longer lasting relationships, reveals the latest research from a high profile academic study. For Londoners in search of love that will stand the test of time, London-based dating site Just Ask Me Out is helping Brits tap into the longevity of online love with its unique platform that gets daters face-to-face as soon as possible.

In a recent study published by the University of Chicago’s Department of Psychology and Harvard University’s Department of Epidemiology, researchers uncovered that couples who met online enjoyed higher levels of marriage satisfaction and lower divorce rates. The study drew on responses from 19,131 participants, and also revealed that a huge one third of US marriages now begin online.

John Cacioppo, lead author of the report says “ This data suggests that the Internet may be altering the dynamics and outcomes of marriage itself.”

Of the respondents who met online, around 6% reported marriage breakups. In comparison, couples who met offline suffered 7.6% divorce or separation rates. When it came to satisfaction, online lovers scored an average of 5.64 while their offline counterparts were several points lower at 5.48. Questions covered a range of topics including overall happiness, degree of affection, mutual love and communication.

So why does online dating lead to stronger, longer lasting relationships? Just Ask Me Out asserts that one of the core reasons is the fact that access to a larger pool of potential matches means individuals have a better chance of finding their perfect partner. Rather than settle for someone who ticks most of their boxes, online dating significantly ups the chances of finding someone who ticks every box.

While the benefits of ‘logging on for love’ are tangible, Alex Rowley, founder of Just Ask Me Out stresses that daters need to be careful not to overly rely on only online dating. When daters get too caught up in the online aspect of dating they can actually hinder their chances at love. The key is to use online dating as a tool to find compatible matches, then arrange to meet those people in real life as soon as possible.

Rowley explains, “The internet has revolutionised the way that people date, and the statistics prove that the change has been for the better. Of course, nothing can replace the time tested principles of intimacy, sparks and the indescribable emotional connection that comes with meeting the one, which is why Just Ask Me Out wants daters to actually meet in person as soon as possible.”

The site is so confident in its ability to help Londoners find love that it is offering a money back guarantee on all six month subscriptions. If members don’t connect with compatible matches during that time frame, they’ll receive a full refund.



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