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Exciting Ideas for Adventurous First Dates

11 Sep 2015 at 11:39
Forget fancy restaurants, trips to the cinema and after work drinks. We’re shining the spotlight on super-charged date ideas that adventure enthusiasts will love! Whether you’re trying to impress a daring guy or a carefree girl, these date ideas are guaranteed to be a huge hit.

Want to get your date’s pulse racing? Strap them into a high-speed powerboat that races past the city’s iconic sights at full throttle!
Rock climbing
Want to work up a sweat? And no, we don’t mean in the bedroom. Hitting the rock climbing gym is a great way for first daters to break the ice. It’s fun, physical and gives you a chance to show off any fitness skills, as well as encourage your match to reach that little bit higher. Not to mention the fact that when you’re watching your date from the bottom you’ll be able to check them out from all angles!


For a slower paced adventure date, hiring a kayak and cruising down one of the quieter stretches of the Thames is a great option. Why not pack a picnic, a bottle of wine and make a day of it?

An evening meal… In the dark!
Dining in the dark is the latest culinary trend to hit London. All over town you’ll find a handful of restaurants that flick out the lights and force diners to rely on their senses of touch, taste, smell and sound. As well as being a unique eating experience, being forced to heighten the senses is a fantastic way to create intimacy and intrigue with a first date.

Urban spelunking
Have you heard of the term spelunking? Neither had we until recently! It refers to the study of caves and while London doesn’t have many natural hollows, it is a goldmine for abandoned tunnels, neglected tube stations, derelict reservoirs, crumbling sewers and even the occasional ghost. Descend into the literal depths of London’s underworld and explore them if you dare!

Escape on the Eurostar

Does your date love to travel? Why not whisk them away on an adventurous trip to Paris or Brussels for the night? Or even just the day! Never mind picnics under the Eiffel Tower and romantic walks through boulevards, this trip will be all about adrenalin pumping experiences. Get spooked at Les Catacombes, free fall at the Aerokart indoor skydiving centre and rollerblade in the dark with Pari Roller.

So don’t be mediocre. Get creative and give your date a day to remember! We have plenty more interesting date ideas on the website.



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