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Fancy someone who isn’t on the site? Now you can anonymously invite people you fancy to join!

7 Jun 2013 at 14:35
We have had a rather brilliant new idea – we know that you probably have someone you are secretly admiring from afar and wishing you had a way of asking them out. Well, now you have a way of asking them out!

We’ve over-hauled our referral scheme so that you can now use it to anonymously invite the people you fancy to join!

Here's how it works

1. Find out the email address of the person you fancy (you should be able to find an email address for them on Facebook, or ask one of their friends)

2. Type their email address into the box headed ‘Fancy someone not on the site’ on your member homepage on Justaskmeout. You can also type a hint or something you know will intrigue or entice them to join (entirely optional)

3. Click ‘Send’ and they will be sent an email as shown below

4. After a few days, check whether they’ve joined by looking under Referral scheme > My referrals.

5. Once they’ve joined, just ask them out!



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