Our Story: How and why we came about

Here is our story of how Just ask me out came to being. Written by our Founder and CEO of Just ask me out, Alex Rowley, the story includes a very candid account of her own dating experiences that led her to set up Just ask me out. There's a short version if you haven't got much time or a longer version for those interested.

The short version of the story

I had tried a lot of different dating sites but became frustrated with how much time I was having to spend emailing people in order to get a date. And I very quickly realised that it was all about getting out there on dates not being sat behind a computer screen. I thought how great it would be if there was a site where you could ask someone out straight away but you still felt special when you got asked out. I was genuinely quite surprised to find that there wasn't anything like that available so I decided to set it up myself! And voila - I am very pleased to offer you Just ask me out. Please do try it out for yourself and encourage all your single friends too!

The in-depth version of the story

Realising that dating emails are a big waste of time

I had tried nearly all the dating sites out there. Initially one at a time, but then I tried to juggle two or more simultaneously. But gradually I started to realise that all the sites had the same flaw - email. All the sites had email as the way to contact someone and try to get a date. It was so time-consuming. Time that I quickly realised was completely wasted because the email exchange provided very little indication of how well you would or wouldn't get on when, or even if, you eventually met (because often one or other of you would lose track of who's turn it was to reply and the conversation would fizzle out). Date success was all down to real-life chemistry - not email "chemistry," if there even is such a thing! I was getting dates but it was just taking too much of my precious free time sat emailing before one of us felt it acceptable or had sufficient courage to ask the other out.

If only there was a way to skip the email and online dating and get straight to real-life offline dating

Surely it shouldn't have to be this difficult and time-consuming? If only I could quickly and easily just ask someone out if I like their profile. And wouldn't it be so much nicer if guys actually just asked me out rather than sending yet another email saying "Hi, how are you?". And that was when I had the idea for Just ask me out - a new type of dating site where the only thing you can do is ask someone out.

Making sure it feels special when you're asked out

I was aware that some of the other sites had implemented "hot or not" type functions allowing members to indicate their interest, wink and even say "I want to meet you" at the click of a button. But there were two mains problem with these. Firstly relates to email again. If a guy had the option to make the effort to send me a message, it's not very flattering if he chooses the lazy option of clicking the "I want to meet you", or "wink" or "smile" button instead. Secondly, there was no limit to the use of these buttons so there was nothing stopping people from going on what I termed "winking sprees", doling out hundreds of winks or such like without hardly looking at the photo let alone the profile. This again detracted from the value of such features. I realised I had to make it feel special when someone asked you out on my site. So I decided to limit the number of times you could ask someone out per day.

Making it easy to suggest a date

I also decided to make the date invitation feel special and specific by getting the asker to specify the type of date they were suggesting and the option to add a very short personal message. The four types of date then became the basis of the Justaskmeout logo image: a hot drink, a cold drink, a bite to eat or something different. I wanted to provide the asker with ideas for each type of date but also allow them the option to suggest their own ideas.

Never miss an opportunity with Justaskmeout cards

Occasionally when out and about I'd catch the eye of someone who looked rather cute and I'd often wish that I had the guts to just go up and speak to them. But everyone is always so busy in London that there isn't usually time and plus it'd be a pretty brave thing to do! If only I had a dating card that I could just give them to show my interest, I thought. And from that idea, the Justaskmeout cards were born. They're the size of a business card and simply say "You caught my eye. If the feeling is mutual you can find me on Justaskmeout.com. My username is...." (You write your username in). You carry them wherever you go and give one out when ever you see someone you fancy. They're great fun to use with a group of friends on a night out too and they ensure you never again miss the opportunity to meet the one of your dreams!

Help us make it even better!

If you like what we are doing with Justaskmeout please tell your friends about the site. If you are single - don't wait - join today. And if you have ideas for how we could improve our service even more, I would love to hear from you - please email your ideas to feedback@justaskmeout.co.uk.

Alex Rowley
Founder and CEO, Just ask me out ltd