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JustAskMeOut: A Fast-Paced Dating Site Helps Online Daters Skip Lengthy Chats & Cut Right to the Date
8 August 2017
Some singles on a dating site are in absolutely no hurry to meet in person. They’ll chat online all day, every day, sending paragraphs upon paragraphs to complete strangers, and they’ll then claim they’re too busy to actually go on a date. Talking endlessly on a dating site or app can be frustrating for daters serious about meeting someone in real life and not just online. Fortunately, one groundbreaking dating platform offers a shortcut. JustAskMeOut is a dating site for London singles who don’t want to waste time in chats with people they’ll never meet. The site accelerates the dating process with innovative communication features requiring users to ask each other out immediately. No talking. No preamble. If you’re contacting someone, you’re asking them out. As a subscriber to JustAskMeOut, you’ll spend more time actually dating in the real world rather than chatting aimlessly online.

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Make Transition from Online to Offline ASAP, Warns Just Ask Me Out
3 June 2015

Psychologists are warning that in the midst of the online dating culture, people have lost their ability to flirt in real life and are thus staying single for longer. In a bid to help Brits use the internet to ignite sparks rather than snuff them out, offline oriented dating website Just Ask Me Out focusses on fixing up face-to-face dates, ASAP.

Rather than support a multitude of meaningless virtual chats, Just Ask Me Out helps members find love fast. In just one click members can ask out a potential match and set up a first date in a matter of minutes. It’s simple, straightforward and designed to turn lonely hearts into loved up couples, without the psychological pitfalls of online dating.

Alex Rowley, Founder of Just Ask Me said, “The truth is that online dating should be used to enable real life flirtation, not replace it altogether. Too many Brits are becoming entirely reliant on online dating as a means of building relationships, and forget that it’s critical to find out if sparks fly in real life as well. Just Ask Me Out is designed to get the ball rolling, foster a little flirting and help singles set up compatible dates that have the potential to turn into meaningful relationships that will stand the test of time.”

Dubbed by dating experts as ‘Tinderella’ syndrome, psychologists are claiming that women have become so dependent on virtual dating that they’ve lost the ability to approach men in real life. With the knowledge that another match could be just one ‘right swipe’ away, ladies have stopped investing time and effort into real life interactions. The latest research has revealed that despite the fact that so many ladies are ‘logging in’ to find love, the process actually leads to staying single for longer if they don’t use the right dating site.

Emma Kenny, psychologist and pioneer of 'Tinderella’ syndrome explains, “The problem is, online dating breeds impatience and insecurity. You're suddenly inundated with so many potential love interests that you stop investing the same amount of effort into meeting actual people offline.”

While some forms of online dating can be counter-productive for singletons, using the right kind of site can be beneficial. Sites such as Just Ask Me Out actively encourage singles to get offline and meet up in real life as soon as possible, and to keep their time online to a minimum. The key is to find the right balance between finding potential matches online and meeting them face-to-face offline. The team of dating experts at Just Ask Me Out is committed to helping London singles find love fast. Transitioning from online chats to offline dates in a matter of minutes has already helped match thousands of Londoners across the city. Their candid approach won Just Ask Me Out the crown of Best Up & Coming Dating Site 2015 at the global iDate Awards 2015, and has also attracted a plethora of media attention from The Guardian, Grazia, The London Evening Standard and more.

You’re More Likely to be Asked Out on a Dating Site with No Messaging

24 February 2015

A forward thinking dating site has unveiled fascinating insight into London’s social scene, with a recent survey revealing that platforms shunning conventional messaging seriously boost the chances of getting asked out. With its revolutionary approach to dating and no messaging policy, Justaskmeout is at the forefront of the trend and has quickly emerged as the go-to dating site for Londoners on the search for fast-tracked love.

Alex Rowley, Founder of said, “Londoners have spoken and the results of our survey indicate that singles are sick and tired of dating sites that encourage endless back and forth messaging. Rather than spend days, weeks or even months on end wondering who is going to make the first move, Justaskmeout revolutionises the dating game and makes sure a face-to-face meet up is organised from the word go.”

As part of the survey a group of random Londoners were asked whether or not they agree with the statement “We think the problem with standard messaging on dating sites is people are not sure who is going to ask who out or when and it takes ages to get a date.” A huge 75-80% of respondents agreed that it takes too long to get a date online when using sites that employ standard messaging.

For singletons falling into the 30-39 age bracket signing up for a message free online dating site is a guaranteed way to get a date, fast. This particular demographic displayed the highest level of agreement, with 74% of respondents finding that messaging systems decreased the chances of being asked out.

One of the driving forces behind this mindset is the fact that sites without messaging functions cut out the small talk and encourage members to get straight to the point. This means no drawn out virtual flirting, no small talk and no wondering when a love interest is finally going to make the first move.

Justaskmeout is helping London singles ramp up their love lives with a purpose-built platform that shuns the waiting game and gets straight to the point. Rather than waste time messaging back and forth, members send a direct date request to a profile that takes their fancy. It’s quick, simple and refreshingly upfront.

Inviting a crush on a date is amazingly easy and can be done in just a few clicks of the mouse. Members simply find a profile that catches their eye, hit the date request button and enjoy a fabulously straightforward dating experience. The Justaskmeout revolution has been recognised by the industry as the website won Best Up & Coming Dating Site 2015 at the iDate Awards in the USA.

As more and more Londoners begin to realise the qualms of private messaging Justaskmeout is augmenting its reign as the capital’s go-to dating site for fast-moving romance.

US Psychologist Warns About the Shopping Mentality of Online Dating

10 February 2015

Longstanding suspicions about the online dating world were confirmed this week when a US psychologist warned that the phenomenon is fostering a ‘shopping mentality’ and making singletons excessively picky. Furthermore, he maintained that long-term virtual communication can create wildly unrealistic expectations when matches eventually meet up. Justaskmeout is on a mission to overcome these barriers, the leading London dating site shunning ‘dating game’ conventions and fast-tracking singletons on their way to love.

Alex Rowley, Founder of said, “While online dating is a fantastic way for singles to hook up it does tend to make singles feel spoiled for choice. This can lead to a lot of time spent flirting with matches that may not be compatible in real life. We’re helping London singles cut through the small talk and find their perfect match without the need for excessive time spent online.”

While dating in the real world offers singles a limited number of encounters, Professor Harry Reis, a psychologist at the University of Rochester maintains that online dating is now ingrained with a ‘shopping mentality.’ With thousands of profiles at their fingertips singles are becoming unnecessarily indulgent when it comes to finding the perfect match. As well as making singles increasingly judgemental Reis asserts that weeks or months on end spent emailing potential matches can create unrealistic expectations when a pair finally hook up for a face-to-face meeting.

According to the latest statistics from Justaskmeout London singles agree, with 81% of respondents agreeing that email chemistry and real-life chemistry are completely different things. While matches may feel a strong connection through back and forth email messages the majority of Londoners pursuing online relationships found that there was no real chemistry when they finally met up.

As a dating site with a focus on face-to-face meet ups from the word go, Justaskmeout is helping Londoners overcome the downsides of online dating. Unlike other popular dating sites the platform cuts out ambiguity and replaces it with face-to-face dates in a matter of minutes. When a member finds a profile that takes their fancy the only way to get in touch is to ask the match out on a real life date. This eliminates wasted time spent flirting with lacklustre matches and helps London singles avoid falling victim to cases of deceptive cyber chemistry.

The knowledge that a first date is on the horizon also gives the online experience a realistic face that encourages members to approach match making with the same level of fussiness as they would in real life – not an amplified version.

With over nine million Brits now turning to the internet to find love, award winning dating site Justaskmeout offers singletons a refreshingly straightforward platform to find potential matches. The website recently won Best Up & Coming Dating Site 2015 at the global iDate Awards.

Romantic Traditions are Dead: 48% Believe it Doesn’t Matter Who Makes the First Move

4 February 2015

According to the latest research age-old romantic traditions are on the way out, with 48% of London singles maintaining that it doesn’t make a difference who makes the first move. The scandalous statistics come from a survey conducted by Justaskmeout, a fresh new online dating site that’s shaking up the capital’s romance scene.

Drawing opinions from a random group of London respondents, the survey asked a handful of questions regarding their thoughts on contemporary dating. ‘If you were single and a member of a dating website who would you expect to make the first move?’ generated some of the most interesting responses, with a huge 48% of people maintaining that it doesn’t make a difference whether the man or the woman makes the first move.

Shockingly, it was respondents falling into the age bracket 50-59 who made up the majority of modern minded thinkers, with a huge 61% claiming it doesn’t matter who makes the first move. This compares to 38.46% of 40-49 year olds, 53.57% of 30-39 year olds and 40.91% of 18-29 year olds. The large contingent of older respondents with avant-garde attitudes towards making the first move confirms that old-fashioned traditions are well and truly on the way out. Instead, the figures reveal the emergence of a new, forward thinking dating trend that is set to shape the face of contemporary romances.

Alex Rowley, Founder of said, “The results of our latest survey revealed fascinating insight into the modern world of dating. One of the most interesting findings was the fact that attitudes towards old fashioned dating traditions are clearly transforming. Not only do almost 50% of Londoners think it doesn’t matter who makes the first move but a huge portion of this response group was made up of over 50s. It’s goodbye to outdated traditions, hello to a forward thinking world of dating!”

For London singles riding the wave of the dating revolution Justaskmeout is a must visit platform. With a focus on proactivity and face-to-face meetings as soon as possible, the site is a great resource for singles who are confident in asking people out and meeting up in person rather than back and forth virtual messaging.

Whether it’s a guy or a gal making the first move, asking a love match out on a date is a breeze. Members simply find someone that takes their fancy, ask them out with one click and hook up for a face-to-face date in a matter of days.

Thanks to this next generation approach to dating Justaskmeout has recently been crowned as Best Up & Coming Dating Site 2015 at the international iDate Awards. Held in Las Vegas, the ceremony recognised the industry’s most innovative players.

As attitudes towards dating continue to undergo an up-to-the-minute transformation Justaskmeout will continue to reign as the go-to platform for enlightened London singles on the search for like-minded matches.

London’s First Offline Dating Website Wins at the Global iDate Awards

22 January 2015, London’s fresh approach to online dating has claimed the award for Best up & Coming Dating Site 2015 at the international iDate Awards. The winners were announced today at a ceremony in Las Vegas, and the accolade is set to make the website even more popular with singles in the capital. The dating website is described as an offline site because it actively discourages wasting time by messaging potential partners online, instead motivating users to ask out singles on a date as soon as possible.

The London-based website was one of five sites up for the award Best Up & Coming Dating Site 2015, and the global recognition marks a huge achievement for the website’s founder, Alex Rowley.

Alex Rowley, Founder of said, “We’re still a young company and at the moment we are only operational in London, so to be nominated at the iDate Awards so soon is a massive accomplishment and to win is out of this world. I’m so proud that we’re improving the love lives of London singles with our no-nonsense approach to dating.”

Rather than conventional online dating websites and apps, which can take up so much time, users of simply ask out other users with one click. It’s ideal for busy people who want to harness the power of the internet to find love, without making a relationship completely virtual for months before deciding to meet up in real life.

The innovative dating website doesn’t host a messaging system like many of its counterparts. Instead, single Londoners just click on a profile of a user they find attractive to ask them out straight away. is the best website for capital dwellers who want to get offline and dating in the real world.

Ms Rowley added, “The problem with online dating is you often waste time messaging someone for weeks or months, and then when you finally meet up there is no chemistry at all. By meeting up face to face as soon as possible, you eliminate the risk of being disappointed and if you’re not compatible, you haven’t wasted much time - and more importantly - you can get back on the search for your soulmate and find love fast.”

To concrete the company’s ethos of getting singles away from their laptop and out having fun, also hosts free singles events in the city. The events range from ping pong parties to picnics in the park, and even Anti-Valentine’s Drinks to find a date for the romantic holiday. These relaxed events do not include any silly games or speed-dating tactics, it’s a simple set up so members feel comfortable and ready to find a partner on their own terms.