Special Offers and Discount Codes for Justaskmeout: London's Best Dating Site

Offer 1: Find Love Fast Money-back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will find love fast with us that we guarantee it! Buy a 6 month subscription and we guarantee you’ll find love or your money back. There are of course a couple of T&Cs you need to meet.

To qualify for the Justaskmeout Find Love Fast Money-back Guarantee you just need to:

1. Buy a Silver or Gold 6 Month Subscription
2. Ask out at least 7 different people every week throughout the 6 months (that's only 1 person a day)
3. Reply to every date invite you receive within 2 weeks of receiving it
4. Contact people who accept your date invites, arrange the date and actually meet them
5. Come along to at least three of our Justaskmeout Just Drinks events

If you do all of the above throughout the 6 months we guarantee you will find love. If you haven't found love by the end of your 6 months, all you need to do is email London@justaskmeout.co.uk providing details to support points 1-5 above and assuming our records concur we will issue a refund. Simple as that.

Offer 2: Get 3 days Gold membership FREE for valid email addresses provided

For a limited time only:
- For every single friend you provide a valid email address for on the joining form, you will be awarded 3 days additional free trial
- All we will do is send your friends an email saying that you've joined the site and inviting them to join too with the same special offer
- We will not pass their email address on to any 3rd parties.

Just a couple of T&Cs we'd like you to be aware of:
1. This offer is for new members only
2. The 3 days will be added only once we have received a reply from your friend to confirm the email address is valid
3. The 3 days will be awarded for valid email address of other people only - we will not award if it is just another email address for you!

Offer 3: Discount codes giving money off subscriptions

If you are lucky enough to have a discount code giving you money off a subscription, you just need to join as normal. Then you click on the 'My account' menu and on that page you will find the place where you type in your code to give you the discount off the subscription prices.

Offer 4: Share or Tweet us to get extra 7 days free trial

If you want to extend your free trial for another 7 days, all you need to do is share one of our Facebook posts to all your friends or retweet one of our Tweets. Then just send us a screenshot of your post/tweet to london@justaskmeout.co.uk and we will award you with the additional 7 days free trial shortly afterwards. If you later delete the post/tweet the free membership will be removed.

Looking for a free dating site? To pay or not to pay. Join Justaskmeout and get the best of both worlds!

Believe us when we say we have done a LOT of research on this so you don’t have to. Here’s what we’ve found.

Paid dating sites typically have more members who are serious about finding a relationship but can be very frustrating when people don’t reply to your messages because their subscription has run out. They can also be rather expensive and usually you can’t try out the paid membership for free.

Free dating sites don’t cost you anything in terms of money but can often be very costly in terms of your time. There are typically a lot of timewasters on even the best free dating sites who aren’t serious about actually meeting in real-life, sometimes because they’re not even single! There are also people who are only looking for one thing if you know what we mean! Not to mention the annoying adverts on the sites.

Justaskmeout offers the best of both. Justaskmeout overcomes the problem with free sites because it attracts busy London singles meaning there are no timewasters on here and our unique Justaskmeout concept makes it very quick and easy to ask people out. Justaskmeout overcomes the problem with paid sites because it allows ALL members to reply to date invites for free, even if the person’s subscription has run out. And because you can use soe of the site functionality without even buying a subscription it means you can try before you buy. Not only that but our subscription prices are the lowest of all our London competitors making us the best value dating site there is in London!

Any queries please drop us a line at london@justaskmeout.co.uk. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Justaskmeout team